Herbal Worming of the Horse

The positive side to using herbal wormers is by decreasing the number of times per year that you use the commercial wormers and the chances of developing a drug resistant worm on your property is decreased. Unfortunately, some day we may end up with no effective wormers due to drug resistance, so delaying this outcome to the far future is good news for all horse owners.

Dose for one horse 350 – 600 kg

Fennel seeds 40 gm
Rue 40 gm
Wormwood 25 gm
Red Clover 30 gm
Garlic 30 gm

This mixture is not extremely affected in killing Strongyles. Therefore, you may wish to submit a stool sample to your local veterinarian for evaluation. You will receive a report back indicating what worm eggs the stool sample contains for the price of approximately one dose of commercial wormer! If no worms present, the veterinarian will likely recommend that you do not need to worm with a commercial wormer just yet.

Do not use Wormwood or Rue in pregnant animals.

Remember, if your animal has diarrhoea or is ill, consult a veterinarian before attempting any type of treatment.