Medicines to avoid during pregnancy

The following information is based on recommendations for humans.  There is limited information of effect of herbs on pregnant mares.  This is NOT a complete list and intended as a guide for use in horses only.  It is important to seek veterinary advice prior to administering any supplement to your pregnant mare.

Common Name Botanical Name
Aloe Aloe vera
Burdock Arctiumlappa
Capsicum Capsicum annum
Celery Apiumgraveolens
Chamomile Chamaemelumnobile
Comfrey Symphytumofficinale
Devil’s Claw Harpagophytumprocumbens
Fenugreek Trigonellafoenum-graecum
Flax Linumusitatissimum
Garlic Allium sativum
Kelp Lminaradigata, L. japonica
Licorice Glycyrrhizaglabra
Meadowsweet Filipendulaulmaria
Milk Thistle Silybummarianum
Nettle Urticadioica
Red Clover Trifolium pratense
Rue Rutagraveolens
Slippery Elm Ulmusrubra
Thuja Thuja occidentalis
Turmeric Curcuma longa
Vervain Verbena officinalis
Willow Salix nigra, other Salix spp.
Wormwood Artenisiaabsinthum
Yarrow Achilleamillefolium