Meet the vet

Dr Ruby Petersen has had a special interest in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) with emphasis on acupuncture and herbal therapy since 1999.  Ruby is particularly interested in the treatment of chronic diseases.This interest arose when she was walking through Chinatown on her way to pick up her Sydney Olympics uniform and passed a TCM office with over 10 people waiting in line to see the doctor.  Suffering a ‘mystery’ illness of a chronic cough for over 6 months she thought, “why not?” The numerous doctors she had visited during the year could not find an answer.  Little did she know, Professor Wang would not only cure her but change her views on medicine and therapies forever.

Ruby attended Washington University School of Veterinary Medicine in the USA graduating in 1988.  After time spent in private practice here and the USA, she began a PhD program at Sydney University studying animal virology and immunology graduating in 1999.

Ruby completed her training in acupuncture with IVAS (International Veterinary Acupuncture Society) and passed her qualifying exams in 2001.  She has also taken advanced courses and workshops in herbal medicine here, China, and at the Chi Institute, Florida.

Ruby previously owned Marulan Veterinary Hospital where she practiced veterinary medicine and surgery.  These skills were combined with TCM to give the best of both worlds for treating animals.  Ruby’s patients include all animals especially dogs, cats, and horses.